Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Science of Sleep

This movie is a masterpiece, in my book. So, if you rent this one, don't be tapping away on your laptop, or reading, or anything else--you have to pay attention to this film--there are all kinds of small, clever touches that you could miss out on, and I probably did, anyway.

Stephane Miroux is a cute, smart, and talented artist. He's sensitive, but can be lots of fun to be around. Well, sometimes. Unfortunately, he cannot keep both of his feet planted in reality for any time at all. His dreams are constantly invading his life, to the point where he cannot distinguish fact from fantasy.

Stephane falls in love with his neighbor, Stephanie, and he is drawn to her because she, too, enjoys creating things. Stephanie struggles in her attempt to relate to Stephane, and so, while this romantic story has some comic moments, it is on the whole a sad story. This movie doesn't have the typical Hollywood romantic ending.

The sets that were created for this film's dream sequences are just fascinating. When Stephane is riding a cardboard car in his dreams, you can see the corrigation along the edges. In the picture above, you see Stephane and Stephanie riding Stephanie's toy horse, which Stephane has mended for her. Pieces of reality are shuffled and imitated intricately in these scenes.

It's surreal and a bit bizarre, but I predict most people would enjoy watching this one.


Doug said...

Surreal is good. Did you just see that rabbit?

TLP said...

Sounds...different. But if you say it's good, I'll give it a try.

Minka said...

never heard of it...I have to admit that sometimes surreal pictures frighten me, I need a bit of a red thread to cling to.

The Old Mule said...

You know, I loved the movie. But parts irked me. Some of it was so...self conscious, all the while being rooted in the surreal. Not a complaint really, more an observation.

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