Sunday, February 04, 2007

Punxsutawney Superlatives

These were a few of my favorite things about our trip to Punxsutawney. The most wonderful thing about this trip was visiting with my mother and sister. Here are some notable things about Groundhog's Day.

In my opinion, the best thing about the festivities were the fireworks. At about 6:30am, at Gobbler's Knob, set to Star Wars music, was a most excellent fireworks display that went on for a long time. Sister Dddragon actually captured a bit of it, which we should nag her into posting.

The funniest thing was the introduction of the Inner Circle. When the momentous occasion arrived, the Inner Circle, black-coated and top-hatted, made their way through the crowd, and mantained a dignified demeanor as they were introduced:

. Bill Cooper, President
. Paul Johnston, Vice President / Chief Healthman
. Keith Shields, Treasurer / Head Hailmaker
. John Griffiths, Co-Handler / Cloud Builder
. Ben Hughes, Co-Handler / Fog Spinner
. Jeff Grube, Sky Painter
. Ed Jekielek, Storm Chaser
. Mike Johnston, Big Flake Maker
. Jeff Lundy, Fair Weatherman
. Steve Means, Plow Man
. Butch Philliber, Iceman
. Ron Ploucha, Stump Warden
. Bob Roberts, His Protector
. Barney Stockdale, Burrow Master
. Tom Uberti, The Big Windmaker--you KNOW he's the butt of all the jokes!

The silliest thing about the festivities was how much fun we had buying and wearing really silly stuff.

This is sister dddragon(r) and I, after the purchase of our special hats. As the three of us walked around town, I noticed lots of people smiling at us, and thought, wow, these people are really sweet and friendly. Then, I remembered what we wearing on our heads.

The most surprising thing about the festivities was the forecast!

El Nino has caused high winds, heavy snow, ice and freezing temperatures in the west.
Here in the East with much mild winter weather we have been blessed.

Global warming has caused a great debate.
This mild winter makes it seem just great.

On this Groundhog Day we think of one thing.
Will we have winter or will we have spring?

On Gobbler's Knob I see no shadow today.
I predict that early spring is on the way.

The most intriguing thing was Punxsutawney's public art project, the Phantastic Phils--

I hope you can see Mom's groundhog hat--see its tail sticking up? She's posing next to one of the Punxsutawney Phils, this one near the post office (hopefully, the stamp theme is visible).

This Phil lives next to an old train station. (That's me and Mom). See the snow? It's significantly colder up there. TLP was SO happy about the snow.

Oh, and the best product for Groundhog's Day is hand warmers! My wonderful mother thought of everything, and I do mean everything. Hand warmers are going to change my life.

The only BAD thing I saw was a guy publicly proposing to his girlfriend at the Prognosticator's Ball. She was mortified, and she'd better make him demonstrate normal behavior before their Big Day. Believe me, the Prognosticator's Ball in Punxsutawney was not the place to pop the question, unless he was expecting it to be treated as a silly question, and we all know what silly questions deserve.

Any silly questions?
Two notes:
1. TLP and Dddragon will both post better pictures! Sometimes, I was too lazy to take my hands out of my pockets and my mittens and my liners and away from those cozy warmers to take all the pictures that I should have, before my batteries went dead.

2. The hat which Dddragon wore when she arrived in Punxsutawney might possibly be just as funny as the one above, I haven't made my mind up.
It's good to back in balmy Southcentral PA, but we sure did have a good time:)


tsduff said...

Now THESE are great pictures! Seeing the "family pics" is always great fun, and helps me get a better scope of you ;-) I am really big on family. Your trip looked fun - and although I can't say as I have a great fascination for the groundhog, the hats were great! Did you get to lay eyes on the actual P Phil himself?

Jamie Dawn said...

LOVE the hats! I think ddd's original hat is very rad! Colorful, fer sure.

Hand warmers make me feel like I have to pee.

An early spring sounds great to me.

I knew you'd have a great time with your mom and sis. I wish Aral could have been there too.

You all look smiley and happy and pretty.
Great pics!!

AP3 said...

Your photos are great too. Sounds like a lot of fun! :-)

Wish I'd been there.

Jocelyn said...

I agree that seeing the family photos is way too fun...and those hats are plain goofy. I'm envious of the snow I saw around the feet of that one statue!

Logophile said...

Love the crazy hats. Why JUST warm your head when you can make a splash at the same time, eh?

Also, re. your anniversary, Feb 18 is my birthday
(I counted that right, didn't I?)

LOVE the pics and it sounds like so much fun.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I need to be a member of the inner circle. I have a decent assortment of suits, and have ALWAYS wanted a good excuse to buy a top hat! Oh yea and I am always looking for a good excuse to buy crazy formal clothing too. And if I can make up my own crazy title - even better! I could be the "Exalted Grand Poobah Of All Things That Fly" or something.

Sounds like you all had a great time.

Did the large ground rodent bite anyone this year?

Doug said...

Looks like a great time. I'll ask a silly question:

Was TLP's Groundhog hat anatomically correct?

pia said...

I don't know what's more exciting, seeing the Pez family, actually knowing a family that does incredibly fun things together, the morning ceremony, the hats or the hand warmers.

Wonderful post

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Your photos are wonderful. I also just plain love this post. Good job girlie.

NO, blogson, it had a tail, but no other stuff.

tsduff, of course we saw Phil! We saw him do stuff that he should keep private.

Diesel said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Although I'll settle for sitting outside on a lawn chair in my shirt sleeves. No snow here on Groundhog Day!

Doug said...

I'm glad to hear about your hat, blogmama. I suspect the guy who proposed isn't anymore either.

Groundhog Day proposal? Six weeks of winter, I predict.

Jodes said...

cute pics!!!

G said...

Now that looks like a good time had by all. It's fun to see the people behind the blogs. I like the stamped Phil and of course, the hats were perfect!

Welcome home - to 6 brrr more weeks.

Pavel said...

I'm glad to read that you had such a good time!

Doug said...

So six more weeks without a post?

Mr Goodnight said...

Thought I'd come to visit.

Always wondered if groundhog day was fiction or fact.

Good to see you.

neva said...

oh... the hats, the pictures... this POST... ALL GOOD! no, wait, make that ALL GREAT!

how i envy you guys and your happy trek to Punxsutawny! my sister lives in California, so any trips we take together -- while always silly, require planning and/or major travel.

you are all TOO CUTE. and i am so happy to know you had so much FUN! (i hope your other sis can join you next time you guys do this, somehow i suspect the 4 of you would give those Puxsutawny Phil a run for his "shadow sighting" money!) xox

neva said...

er... i meant "...give that Punxsutawny Phil..." but you knew that, right?

d'oh! xox

Fred said...

What a great post, Acton. It looks like you guys had a great time.

Joel said...

Now that was just fun! Great post and pics.