Friday, February 23, 2007

movie rentals

The Departed--I don't enjoy watching violence, which this movie has in abundance, but I am still in awe of this film. Leonardo DiCaprio is a cop pretending to be a crook, while Matt Damon is a crook pretending to be a cop, and Jack Nicholson is toying with them both. This fascinating movie will keep you guessing until the end.

This was also the first movie in which I perceived DiCaprio as an appealing young man, and the way he's evolved from Tigerbeat heartthrob to adult actor is startling. He played a troubled, complex character superbly, and he was definitely the stand-out player in this tale.

Half Nelson--This movie introduces us to a brilliant innercity teacher, Dan Dunne, who has a very unfortunate drug problem. It's a tragic circling of the drain, especially since it's so apparent that he was meant to be so much more. Ryan Gosling is absolutely convincing throughout this film, and manages to be sometimes appealing, sometimes pitiful, and sometimes reprehensible in this excellent performance.

I also fell in love with one of his students, Drey, played charmingly by Shareeka Epps. No stranger to drug dealing, Drey knows exactly what is eating her teacher, and worries about him. Likewise, Dan knows something of Drey's family, and wants to protect her, too. They form a fascinating friendship, but whether or not they can change each other's lives for the better is uncertain.

I highly recommend both films.


Rhea said...

I haven't seen The Departed yet but I want to because it was filmed in Boston, where I live.

TLP said...

I got The Departed today and will probably watch it tomorrow, 'cause I'm watching the Oscars tonight.

I adore Leo. I've liked him in every movie he's made.

Doug said...

You know, that's a much better endorsement than the oscars. I'll rent both.

Minka said...

After watching the Oscars, I have decided to watch them both too.
And I am absolutely on teh same board with you about Di Caprio.
I already managed to see Blood Diamond and he was brilliant in taht too. He truly has evolved and I thought after Titanic that couldn´t happen for him, but he managed to grow out of it and when I look at him now...I am not anymore reminded of Jack Dawson :)