Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sunday morning quickie

By all means, rent this movie, if you haven't seen it, already. Little Miss Sunshine manages to be intelligently slapstick-- both funny and meaningful. And don't worry; it's not about the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant, but about the journey to the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant, and you'll be riding from New Mexico to California with the delightful Olive, who can't wait to dance in front of her audience, Richard, her father, who is the most annoying self-motivational speaker you'll ever meet, Dwayne, a surly teenager who has taken a vow of silence, Grandpa, who was kicked out of a retirement home for snorking heroin (and has the foulest mouth on the planet), Uncle Frank, the seriously depressed Proust scholar, and Sheryl, an overworked and stressed-out mother, sister, and wife. The conversations and arguments that take place in the malfunctioning VW microbus on the way to California are both comic and revealing.

I found a couple parts of this movie stressful, which is probably appropriate, given the number of problems that this family encounters on the way. However, as anyone would guess, things do turn around at the end. This is a tale of awakening, in which the characters each learn something about themselves, as well as their importance and worth to their family.

The characters in this film were all quite convincing and engaging, each in his/her own way.


Abigail Breslin .... Olive
Abigail Breslin was just delightful!

Greg Kinnear .... Richard
Kinnear did an excellent job of making me want to slap him.

Paul Dano .... Dwayne
Perfectly taciturn, and almost scary, through most of the film.

Alan Arkin .... Grandpa
Arkin was hilarious.

Toni Collette .... Sheryl
I felt SO sorry for her character. Toni Collette's always good.

Steve Carell .... Frank
I never noticed this guy until he became a middle-aged virgin, but he's actually had a great career. Carell's character is very likeable, and a much-needed device for relating to moody-but-motivated Dwayne.

The Albuquerque , New Mexico Connection:
If you have the time, go here and check out The Shins. They've been around for awhile, but I've been negligent. They have a beautiful sound.


TLP said...

Yes, good sound. I was surprised by it.

Good movie review. I definitely want to see this flick.

G said...

That was good. I heard about The Shins from the soundtrack of the movie Garden State. You may also enjoy this song, New Slang, from that soundtrack: NEW SLANG

I'm sorry, I just felt like - "People who enjoyed this song, also liked this...

G said...

Oh and thanks for the movie review. I was going to rent this weekend but it didn't work out so it's on The List.

Doug said...

I can't play the music for now, but I really liked the movie. Alan Arkin stole the show, which is pretty much a given but all the other actors were great and that's the role Greg Kinnear was born to play.

Minka said...

Little Miss Sunshine now sounds like somethign I owuldnæt mind seeing.
Hase hase, Actonbell!

Doug said...

Eek! Tibbar, tibbar!

somewherejoe said...

A road movie like none other... I really enjoyed that dysfunctional family's company. The denouement was a little contrived but it was great fun getting there.

G said...

What a great movie, rented it this past weekend. Olive was just the best! Really have to agree with your assessments.

Doug said...

Sunday morning quicky lasts until Thursday?

actonbell said...

Well, I have a most annoying head cold, and my brain is clogged. Falling asleeeeep right here is a definite possibility.

AP3 said...

I LOVED "Little Miss Sunshine"! That movie rocked my world. I laughed, I cried, I had a good time.