Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Off to see Phil

On this fine Wednesday morning, my mother, one of my sisters (TLP and dddragon, respectively), and I are sneaking away to Punxsutawney, PA. That's a weird way to spell a town, but then--it's also a strange thing to name a town. We will be making the 121st Trek to Gobbler's Knob for Phil's Official Prognostication!

Anyway, I expect we'll freeze our patootzies off (if it works, I'll let you know), but we'll have a marvelous time, anyway. I mean, Phil always sees his shadow, right? With all those lights and cameras, he's bound to see it, even on a cloudy day. It's really not about the woodchuck.

*wishing Aral (the baby sister) could also come. Alas, she is working her patootzie off.

Since I will not be around blogland on February 1st, I want to remind everyone to say Rabbit, rabbit! when they first get up in the morning, to ensure good luck in February (just in case someone strolling by doesn't already know about the rabbits).

Don't ever let it be said that I forgot my rabbit post. Good luck in February, everyone!


AP3 said...

I hope y'all have a great time. Good thinkin' with the rabbit!

Logophile said...

I will rabbit rabbit in honor of the Pezes.
Have a great time! My mother in law will probably be there, but dont hold that against me.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

We'll call AP3 and yell Rabbit Rabbit to her!

pia said...

I have never known anybody to go see it.

Don't think that seeing Groundhog Day counts

This is truly exciting to me

The Updike Rabbit books were in PA--don't know why I threw that in

Yes Phil ususally sees his shadow but we have entered a new era and anything goes

pia said...

Oh the comment blew away and printed before I was able to say that you always know the right thing to say

I still haven't completely unpacked as it involves getting quarters from the bank, and my block isn't called "the wind chamber" for nthing

In Manhattan we have to walk to get to transportation or where we are going which isn't fun on freezing freezing days

Doug said...

Leveret! Leveret!

Hoppy trails.

Diesel said...

Sounds like fun. Have a good time and let me know how things come out.

AP3 said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Minka said...

hah, I said it on your otehr blog, before I saw this one.
I so could be an honourary Pez!

neva said...

Rabbit, rabbit -- hope you all have a great great time with that Groundhog, Groundhog! xox

G said...

Rabbit Rabbit!!

Have a great time and keep those patootzies warm.

Jamie Dawn said...

I said my Rabbit Rabbit just now, so I hope that counts.
I hope you three have a great time. I'm sure you'll freeze, but you'll be snuggling closely and laughing at all kinds of things and people you see.
I look forward to reading about it after you return.
Aral working while you three frolic with Phil - it's just not fair!

Bone said...

Hope you have fun, Actonbell. Say hi to Bill Murray for me if you see him. Actually, if you see him like three days in a row or something... well, nevermind.

February is a great month :)

Jocelyn said...

I have all hope that we get six more weeks of winter. Or any winter at all. Sigh.

tsduff said...

I said Rabbit Rabbit yesterday...I look forward to your first of the month posts :-D

Fred said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Miz BoheMia said...

So THAT is why I have rotten luck! I ALWAYS forget to say rabbit rabbit! DAMMIT!

*sigh* Oh well!

Hope you had a faboo time although by now I hear he did not see his shadow? Magical being to not have a shadow! Dios mio! ;-P

Have a good weekend my friend!