Thursday, January 25, 2007


It's my fault that I came home and fell asleep right away. Twas a basic lack of willpower and motivation, to be sure.

But then, I try to get around and visit before falling asleep again, and--nothing works right. Is it my slow computer, or am I either not there, or there three times, or there but invisible? Honestly!

It's enough to make a lady tired.

*yawn* Better get rested up for Friday's early run. I'll set the alarm, and get up before I know what I'm doing. That's always best (married people can't be hittin' that snooze thing, oh, no, we must be strong).



Doug said...

T'were a weird day on blogger for me, too.

Hey! Wake up!

tsduff said...

That is a great picture - avatar, whatever. I love it!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

An "early run" sounds like torture to me.

Enjoy your weekend.

actonbell said...

Doug: Okay, I neglected an apostrophe, but you ABUSED one. 'Twas, 'twere, whatever. A sin of omission vs. a sin of commisson? (spelling on alcohol, here. No fair.)

Thank you, Terry:)

Jamie dawn, it's an acquired taste that I'm trying to reacquire.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Actually, blogger was okay to me, except for YOUR blog! I tired several times on Friday, and it kept giving me an error for you blog. *sigh*

Run, Acton, run. You are A Strong girl after all.

Marti said...

Very cute picture!

Sorry for not being around. My father-in-law broke his hip so I've been at the hospital a lot.

Thanks for sharing - I needed a smile!

actonbell said...

Hey, Mom, I couldn't access my own blog this morning. Oh, bother.

Hi,Marti! Sorry to hear of about the bad break. Yuck.

Monika said...

I was never much into snoozing. But I tried it last Wednesday and I must admit I enjoyed it thoroughly. 10 minutes can take a long time!

Logophile said...

I have been having argument with Blogger as well, in the few minutes I have to be online that is NOT my ideal on how to spent time. And I am pretty sure its not good for my heart, or spleen, or something.
I've been getting up a little earlier a couple days a week and doing a some yoga or pilates and that is very nearly too high energy for me at that time of day.
You are amazing!

AP3 said...

I just noticed this quotation on your blog: "To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing." -Elbert Hubbard

That's a good one.

Jocelyn said...

How early is this "early" you write of? I don't like the word "early" at all.

pia said...

Thanks for saying you love my blog template. Get ridiculed so much for it

G said...

Ah the elemant of surprise! Hope it worked out for you.

Doug said...

your'e right! Bad Doug!

cooper said...

I hope your weekend was fine.

It is hard for those of us without blogger to deal with the blogger issues.....not to be a wordpress snob but when I visit one of my routine blogs and blogger is having seizures I can only try once or twice before I have to fly.

Doug would abuse an apostrophe.